Why Reframe Wine?

Because old frames might be broken and reframing your marketing strategy can be the answer to your current problems and the solution for your business’ future results.

Our days are long, deadlines are tight, meetings are endless, and we are pushed left and right with changing expectations. By the end of the day, we are just happy to close our computers.

There is no time to take time off. There is no mental space to expand or update our marketing knowledge. And this is the reason why, we marketers, forget to modernize our own work.

I have been there. Since 1998, when I first started my career in marketing, I’ve doubted my capability to keep up with modern marketing. After all, marketing has changed quite a bit in the past 21 years.

The increase in new channels and technologies and the developing demands and habits of consumers have dramatically changed the face of marketing and the conditions in which marketers operate.

These changes have led to a fragmentation of the discipline, creating more confusion around the definition of modern marketing and how it needs to be executed for successful results.

This is why I created Reframe Wine.
I want to help wine marketers level up and become more effective.


About me

Hello! I am Réka Háros.  Yes! The accents are supposed to be on the “é” and on the “á”.

Hello! I am Réka Háros. Yes! The accents are supposed to be on the “é” and on the “á”.

I’m a Budapest native who lived a bit all around the world, from Hungary to Brazil, to Austria, and The Netherlands, to settle down in a small countryside village in northeast Italy.

Here I co-own, with my husband Pier Sfriso, a small Direct to Consumer winery called Sfriso Winery. This winery is the reason why I am in the wine industry. Before I was marketing Danone yogurts in a saturated market, and making ads at Leo Burnett CEE for washing powders and tampons for P&G.

For my professional qualifications, go over here. There is more to it.

Since 2002 this wine world has become my new professional home. Since the beginning, I have felt a relentless desire to reframe beliefs to help the wine industry move into modern times. This doesn’t mean I reject the current state of affairs; it merely means that I am wired to look ahead instead of looking back.

My work experiences allow me to have a vision and understanding of both small and big business marketing. I know what it’s like to be the owner of a small winery and work with tiny little budgets. But I also know what it takes to direct global brands, plan global and local communications, be responsible for multi-million €/$ budgets, and be results-driven above all.

I’ve walked in both shoes, which puts me in a privileged position to help other marketers do better and more effective marketing.