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About Trends And Why The Non-Obvious Ones Are The Most Important

About Trends And Why The Non-Obvious Ones Are The Most Important


This is the season of zillions of headlines with trends that will impact our lives in 2019.

All I see are articles about trends. "Trends marketers need to be ready for 2019". "How we will drink wine in 2019". "What wines we will be drinking in 2019". "The 5 social media trends to put into practice in 2019". And the list goes on... Predictions are all over the place.

The truth is, I can't go beyond the headlines. The person to blame for my indifference is Rohit Bhargava, author of the Non-Obvious Trends series.

I met Rohit last year in Los Angeles at an exclusive event called The Unconference. I didn’t know him and his work until he stood in front of 50 selected marketers and shared his vision about trends.

I have always been wary about trend predictions and of those that predict them. But there was something different about Rohit and his way of predicting trends.

He doesn't look for what is obvious but sees the connection between the non-obvious things. I was immediately hooked, he re-framed the concept of trends and of predicting the future for me.

Rohit’s method is to notice things that others don’t notice. He curates these things into different topics and then looks at their impact in our present. He calls this the non-obvious thinking.

“In a world where everyone is one click away from being a self-declared expert, learning to think differently is more important than ever. Observing and curating ideas can lead to a unique understanding of why people choose to buy, sell, or believe anything.” - Rohit Bhargava

According to him, trends are not things that will happen at some point in our future. He says that is guess work. Instead, he believes that a trend has to do with our present.

The non-obvious trends that can shape the future are already happening today. These things also happen to happen with increased frequency and have an impact in our lives. By seeing a pattern, the future becomes more predictable. 

Rohit helps us ignore obvious noise and pushes us to see the non-obvious trends that can shape our future. He looks at trends in business, in our behavior, how and why we do the things we do. But most specifically, how all these trends are changing over time. He provides a clear distinction between a fad and a trend, so that we can make that distinction ourselves in the future.

Every year he talks about 15 non-obvious trends in his Non-Obvious books providing insightful examples and analysis. Many of these trends are already happening in the wine sector as well.

In his 2019 Non-Obvious Trend report, available from January 1st 2019, trends like Strategic Spectacle, Muddled Masculinity, Artificial Influence, Retrotrust, B2Beyond Marketing, Enterprise Empathy are all trends that can be leveraged for business success in our industry.

So please, before you consider taking advice from any "trend spotter" or "expert predictor", take a moment, and think if they are lazy predictions of the obvious, or if they also offer a meaningful way forward for your business.

Don’t get stuck in our wine world, go beyond and see what is around it to have a more complete view. But most importantly, please read the Non-Obvious series. I assure you that your way of looking at trends will be different and re-framed.

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