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I created this space for people who like to look at the wine industry from a broad perspective. Here you will find a curated selection of my ideas, thoughts, and questions relating to innovation, business, marketing, and communications in the wine industry.

My aim is to make you think and hopefully reframe your beliefs so we can build a future together that we can all fall in love with.

Permission To Say No

Permission To Say No


One thing we often do is to say no. For example, I say it to my 8-month-old puppy, when she is doing something she is not supposed to. To my children, when a “no” can be educative. To myself when I am craving for an unhealthy treat. These kind of "nos" become easier with daily practice, but saying it to business matters is much harder.

A “no” said to people in our own industry circles can be hard as we would be afraid of repercussions. It is also easier to say “yes” and belong to the accepted crowd. And here is where I start having an issue.

Saying no is important.

Say no to those who are not your audience. If you have a business designed to please a specific group of people, stick with it. Say no to those who don't fit with that audience and save yourself and those people from frustrations.

Say no to the conventional when you are eager to do something different. Say no to a group of people who will never buy into your ideas and/or products.

Say no to the status quo when that doesn’t fit with your ideals.

So, when you’re making your budget or deciding on your future actions, it’s fine to say “no” to something that sounds great to everyone else, but not for you.

Don’t let others influence you into a “yes” when that yes will not make you go your way.

Today I said no to people in wine who will never believe in what I believe. People who will never listen to or consider what I say. I am of no value to them and I will chose to not spend my time trying to have them embrace my worldview. It’s better for everyone.

Saying no can be uplifting. Choose and be picky!

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