What I Can Do For You
is help you become a more effective marketer.

But I am probably not the right person to help you solve your marketing problems.

So please don’t don’t call…

  • If you think you don’t need to evolve with times.

  • If you believe that tactics are more important than strategy.

  • If you want to follow the usual herd, please go ahead without me.

Marketers need strategic knowledge, not just tactical expertise.

Why Reframe?

Because reframing your wine marketing strategy can be the solution you need.

This is me, Réka Háros.

This is me, Réka Háros.

Often in modern marketing, strategies not only turn out not to be strategies but also ineffective to the business model. As a result, we lose sight of the bigger picture and focus on smaller aspects and short-term tactics that may or may not be of much use to the business.

I am a strategic consultant specialized in business-optimized marketing management.

My working process is to help you accurately identify your business problem, contextually define, and strategically solve your marketing problems by developing a strategic framework.

I deconstruct and reconstruct your strategy to make it more sustainable for future growth. In addition to providing guidance for critical decisions and actions to be taken, this working process will enable you to both make and save money.

The Working Process:
This four-step process will set your brand up for success by creating focus, stability, relevancy, demand, penetration, and growth today, tomorrow and the days to come after that.


Step 1:
Research & Diagnosis

Successful strategies are built on market insights. Researching markets and consumers for effective brand strategy diagnosis provide a systematic and objective search for, and analysis of, internal and/or external forces that hinder business growth.

Strategy 2.png

Step 2:

Based on our diagnosis, we will build a sound marketing strategy with clear KPIs. We’ll set priorities, define segmentation, positioning, short and long-term objectives to increase demand, retention and/or market penetration for business growth.

Execution 3.png

Step 3:

This is the phase in which we align strategy with tactics and implement actions to reach our strategic objectives. We integrate it with products, services, prices, innovation, distribution, communication, and everything else that we do, internally, externally, online, and offline.

Analysis 4.png

Step 4:

Evaluation of tactical performance and brand growth based on previously defined KPIs is critical to understand how effective our marketing actions are. We evaluate all positives and negatives relative to the objectives we set at the initial stages.

This process will build the foundation you need now to get to where you want to be tomorrow.

My view is that it’s useless to do what everyone else does because it only increases your chances of getting ignored instead of getting noticed.

Interestingly, wine companies favor this path to ineffectiveness, which is why I’m talking to the minority here. The minority of marketers who prioritize distinctiveness and long-term effectiveness over short-term quick results.

The competitive advantage of creating future-facing modern marketing strategies lies in planning ahead of competition and getting to successful results first.

So if you’re a marketer who wants to deviate from the herd mentality, and want to modernize and level up your marketing, I can help you. Grab the phone and call me, or send me an email and book a meeting with me.